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The wonderful world of wine

This fermented beverage has been around for thousands of years and is produced on all continents on the planet Earth.
It was used as a drink for the ancient armies, where soldiers were given rations of daily wine to drink. That was because the alcohol in wine made it safer to drink than the local water, which was not very clean at the time.
Wine has been enjoyed by all social classes over the centuries and has been the center of celebrations, coronations, declarations of independence, as well as the perfect pair to meals whether eaten in a palace or a pub.
The study of wine is never ending. There is so much to learn about geography, weather, climate, topography, viticulture, fermentation, blending and tasting that is has become the passion of many enophiles (Greek for wine lovers) across the globe.

There are new wine regions making wine with new grapes that have not been used before to make wine, to add to the hundreds of already well known grapes and designated wine making areas, which expand the study of wine to new heights year by year.
One can never say they know everything about wine, and that is what makes wine education so fascinating.
We hope that you will join us on this journey to taste and learn about as many wines as possible in our lifetime and to hopefully inspire others along the way to dedicate some precious time to pass this knowledge on to future generations of wine lovers.


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