Dr. John McTavish

Master Taster Dr. John McTavish was born in Toronto, Canada and currently resides in the Niagara Wine Region.

John has been a College and University professor for over 20 years. He has Ph.D. in Educational Science and has written many textbooks and articles on learning. He has also delivered seminars all over the world.

John has visited over 70 countries and has spent time on each continent. He has learned about culture, language, and his new passion, wine.

As a curriculum expert, John travelled to Bolivia and Peru to design post-secondary wine and viticulture programs. In those countries, he realized that he needed to know more about wine as well. He worked with a team of wine experts as the educational designer but felt lacking in wine knowledge.

Upon his return, John started to study wine and winemaking and has not looked back. Wine combines his interests in language, culture, geography, and hospitality. This has become the perfect subject for him to teach.

Doctor John McTavish

Wine Experiences


Custom wine tours throughout the Niagara Region

Exclusive classes, seminars and events

Exclusive classes, seminars and events

Professional wine tasting notes



Some of the certifications he has achieved over the past years include the following:

  • Certified Master Taster: Niagara College Canada
  • Certified Winemaker: Niagara College Canada
  • Certified Ontario Wine Expert: Wine Growers of Ontario
  • Certified French Wine Professional: Fine Vintage
  • Certified Specialist of Wine: Society of Wine Educators
  • Certified Level 1 Sommelier: Court of Master Sommeliers
  • WSET Level 3 Award in Wines: Wine & Spirit Education Trust
  • He is currently enrolled in the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines
Dr. John McTavish with a wine glass